Dietetics is a paramedical department, which has an integral role in every inpatient’s therapeutic care during their hospital stay. The main purpose of the dietary department is to provide disease specific & balanced diet to the patient, which shall improve the nutritional status of the patient and result in better patient outcome.

To formulate the most appropriate nutritional therapy for each patient, individual nutrient requirement must be considered with metabolic, biochemical and anthropometric data initially obtained by nutritional assessment of the patient. The diet prescription is made on the basis of patient’s age, sex, activity, body weight and the type of treatment he/she is undergoing.

In Patient Services:

Dietitians regularly meet all the inpatients twice a day. Nutrition care is planned according to various dietary requirements and every diet is planned to meet specific medical needs or restrictions. The department’s responsibilities include assessment, planning and execution of special diets for each Indoor patient on a daily basis.

Outpatient Services:

 Dietitians meet all referral patients in OPD.Diet counselling is provided as per the therapeutic condition.