Medical Cardiology

Cardiac Care Unit

The Cardiac Care Unit (CCU) can accommodate 53 patients at one time, and caters exclusively to cardiac emergencies such as cardiac arrest, cardiogenic shock, acute myocardial infarction, non-STEMI, unstable angina, acute heart failure, cardiac arrhythmia and many other emergencies. It is equipped with the latest technology, and adheres to strict processes and protocols. CCU plays an important role in preparing patients for their primary percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA), by sending them to the catheterization lab to help keep the door-to-balloon time less than 90 minutes. PTCA is the key lifesaving therapeutic interventional therapy for acute heart attack. This is audited and documented on a regular basis.

The centre also has an Intensive Therapy Unit (ITU) with comprehensive services. These range from basic post-operative management to managing critical conditions such as multiple organ failure.


Non-Invasive Diagnostics

This includes invasive medical procedures like cardiac catheterisation, which is done to investigate the condition of the heart and confirm a suspicion of an underlying disease. The most common type of cardiac catheterisation is the angiography (angiogram), which involves the insertion of a fluorescent-labelled hollow tube into the heart’s blood vessels to determine their condition.

  • Testing Services

For over a quarter of a century, the centre has been studying cardiovascular specialities. The section is equipped with the following testing services:


BMBHRC has four colour Doppler systems and a dual head Infinia Gamma Camera to perform scans (like ECG and holder monitoring) for the most common cardiac diagnosis.

Stress Testing

The centre performs electrophysiological investigations such as a treadmill test and holder monitoring. It has successfully performed more than 50,000 tests over 25 years.

Nuclear Cardiology and General Nuclear Medicine

BMBHRC’s laboratory conducts cardiac scans and non-cardiac tests. It also conducts bone, renal, thyroid, liver and lung scans.

Interventional Cardiology

Highly qualified, full-time consultants in this department cater to both paediatric and adult services.

Interventional cardiology conducted at the advanced cardiac catheterization laboratory includes: Coronary angiography Radial angiography Coronary

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