Advanced Heart Failure Clinic

BM Birla Heart Research Centre (BMB), a part of the renowned and respected CK Birla Hospitals, is now a one-stop solution to diagnosis, treatment and management of heart failure, led by Dr. Siddharth Sarangi, Consultant Cardiac Surgeon of BM Birla Heart Research Centre. BMB has some of the most renowned and skilled cardiologists, cardiac surgeons and cardiac rehabilitation experts. The BM Birla Heart Failure Clinic is the only comprehensive Advanced Heart Failure Clinic in the Eastern part of India at present.

Heart Failure is a serious concern and if not addressed on time, it may escalate to catastrophic proportions. Heart failure doesn’t mean that the heart is about to stop, or has stopped working. It just means that the heart is unable to pump adequate blood to meet the needs of your body, the way it used to. As a result, the body cells stop receiving enough oxygen to perform the daily tasks and this has a number of symptoms such as running out of breath, dizziness or fainting, coughing even at rest, fatigue, nausea, irregular heartbeats, etc. The heart also tries to take care of the situation by enlarging itself. All this can be easily treated with the right medicines and measures as prescribed by experts. Effective treatment can make the heart stronger and reduce the risk of a flared up condition. Maintaining blood pressure, cholesterol level, a healthy weight and not smoking also helps to keep the heart healthy.

The recently launched Advanced Heart Failure Clinic is a unique initiative taken up by BMB. It offers a range of quality services such as a dedicated outpatient clinic and a 24*7 helpline number. The clinic is equipped with State-of- the-Art technology, including implantation of artificial pumps to augment the heart’s functions. A rehabilitation program is also in place as a support group to make it easier for patients to live with heart failure. The team of experts in Cardiology help out in the timely diagnosis of the patient’s heart condition to suggest the best and most effective treatment. Thus, when it comes to your Heart, trust only the Best – the Advanced Heart Failure Clinic at BM Birla.

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