Transparency & Honesty

  • I will provide a printed schedule of my fee for office visits, procedures, testing and surgery, and provide itemized bills
  • I will inform you of my qualifications to perform the proposed diagnostic measures or treatments

Patient Friendly

  • I will schedule appointments in such a manner that it will allow me the necessary time to interact and examine you with minimal waiting times
  • I will encourage you to bring a friend or relative into the examining room with you

Effective Communication for Patient Education

  • I will explain your prognosis, further diagnostic activity and treatment in simple terms
  • I will prescribe an Information Therapy, and discuss your diagnostic, treatment and medication options, to enable you to make well-informed decisions
  • I will not proceed until you are satisfied and convinced that you understand the benefits and risks of each alternative and I have your permission on a particular course of action

Implementation of Patient Charter

  • I will publish the patient charter in English, Hindi and the local languages
  • I will display the patient charter prominently and at multiple locations in the healthcare provider setting
  • I will implement the patient charter in its true spirit in my everyday medical practice